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The critical factor about WOW™ is that First Thought Equine listened to riders and also invested considerable time scientifically testing different types of saddles to see how they actually perform on horses.

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Janine Evans, 2004 SA Eventing Champion,
uses Prime Performance Products
with very successful results
Learning from what was found, WOW™ was developed using the latest technology to create a saddle that offers maximum comfort for both horse and rider whilst enabling the horse to perform with maximum freedom of movement.

Because of this, WOW™ named itself, being the one word everyone said when they rode on it. This website is designed to give you a full insight into how and why WOW™ is unique.

WOW™ is offered in two price bands as the WOW™ Club and the WOW™ Competitor enabling the rider to choose the features and finishes required.

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Marjolein Erasmus – 083 388 5055   Email Link    Website Link

Unicorn Tack offer a number of accessories that compliment Wow saddles. Click on the logo to view pictures and contact Janine Evans SA Wow Agent on 083 452 2111 for more info and purchases in JHB, and Carla Fowler 083 415 9446 for purchases in the Cape.